Integrasi Islam, Sains, dan Budaya Nusantara dalam Sastra Nusantara


  • Mohammad Azis SMP Negeri 3 Purwokerto


culture, islam, archipelago, science, literature


Islam with its religious forms and formations is unlikely to force itself to reject the culture in the archipelago. Putting the position of the binner between Islam and the culture of the Archipelago, means imposing the will to be eliminated by a large current of groups that believe in the creation of Islamic-Indonesian cultural acculturation. The important role of Islamic welfare at the beginning of its development in Indonesia was well played by the saints and clerics, so that the accommodating nature of Islam could be easily accepted by the local community. One of the arts that developed in the archipelago was literature. The literature that developed in the archipelago was certainly influenced also by Islam and culture. Where the literary works produced there are still themes related to culture and Islam. Through science, the literary works of the Archipelago are widely spread so that they can be enjoyed by all circles of society. This research is a libarary research using a qualitative approach. The data collection technique used in this study was to use documentation techniques. The results of the study revealed that the integration of Islam, science, and archipelago culture in archipelago literature can be known through educational literary works that provide the spirit of the need for educational convergence combining positive Islamic values santri (modern-traditional) and abangan, local-national, and international to then build a more dynamic educational model that still relies on local culture and culture with its various characteristics